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Juneau, Alaska

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Juneau started when a member of the Auk Tingit Tribe brought gold to an engineer that had promised a reward to anyone who found evidence of the element. After trial and error, the source of gold was discovered and Juneau became the first town developed in Alaska because of the gold rush. In 1906 Juneau was named the capital of Alaska. Today the local, state and federal government employs 1/2 of the workers. The leading private industry is tourism.
Tour the State Capital of Alaska

Visit Alaska’s capitol building. Construction was completed in 1931 after numerous delays, including World War I. There are four columns made from limestone and marble coming from southeast Alaska, and a liberty bell presented to Alaska in 1950 as part of a marketing effort to sell U.S. Savings Bonds.

Step into the Wickersham State Historic Site, the home of James Wickersham, an attorney, judge and congressional delegate who had a major impact on the development of Alaska. As a judge, Wickersham started settling disputes between miners and established laws to curtail the crime that resulted from gold prospecting. As a delegate to Congress (Alaska was not yet a state) James Wickersham helped start the Alaska Railroad, Home Rule, which allowed Alaskans a legislature and a college that eventually became the University of Alaska.

Wander through the Alaska State Museum, started in June 1900. The mission of the museum was to collect, document, preserve and display different objects representative of the Alaskan Territory. It’s collection now numbers approximately 27,000 pieces.

Fly over Alaska’s magnificent scenery and view the glaciers by helicopter. Observe lots of wildlife, unusual terrain, rainforest gardens and waterfalls. Contact the Juneau Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Alaska Tidbits

  • James Wickersham introduced a bill to the U.S. Congress to give Alaska statehood in 1917. His wish wasn’t granted until 1959.
  • Many who visit Alaska want to know about the weather. The highs for Juneau from May to September range from 55 to 62 degrees. The lows for Juneau range from 38 to 48 degrees. In June, there are 18 hours of daylight.

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